5 Simple Steps My Clients Use 
to Attract Their Ideal Partners,
Create an Amazing Life Together

and never settle for less or compromise other dreams...
(even if that feels too good to be true right now!)

By Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek – Love & Relationship Coach Expert.

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Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek

Hi, my name is Kinga, and I am love & relationship coach expert, a master in a communication, an energy healer and a founder of Lapis Evolution.

My expertise is helping people to let go of past, toxic relationships patterns and manifest ideal, committed partners so they can create life they desire without compromising on their other dreams.
I help people who are ambitious, resilient and do anything it takes to meet their desires. People who never give up, no matter how difficult the past was or even present is.
People who don’t fit into boxes, who are awake, a bit rebellious and they exactly know what they want.

My clients not only experience big shifts in their love life, but in all areas. They find themselves enjoying an new way of living with lots of love, joy and abundance. 

Do you secretly dream of…

  • Being with a partner who understands you?
  • Having passionate love with deep connection, trust and lots of joy?
  • Being supported, respected and treated like a treasure?
  • Waking up every day next to the person who adores you and always makes you feel special?
  • Talking about, planning and creating future together without hesitations?

If you want to attract your life partner and enjoy  a fulfilled life together, you need to know how to make it happen.

  • How can you have it all?
  • How do you shift your love life and meet your desires?
  • How do you build a strong relationship without compromising your other dreams?

You are a magnificent human being. It’s your love and light that can attract the best-matched partner for you.
It’s time to get started. Let’s make this happen together!

To become a magnet to your ideal partner, you must follow these steps:

Unclutter your present. Nothing certain can manifest whilst the baggage of your old mindset is still blocking the magic within.

You must let your heart to take charge of your love life and discharge the controlling and fearful mind.
Your heart is your compass to direct you to your life partner.
Until you have the conflict between your head and heart, you won’t be able to manifest your dreams.

You must always be authentic and speak your truth from a space of courage and power.
Expressing yourself without holding back and connecting with the most authentic version of yourself is a must to meet your ideal partner.

If you are not feeling deserving to be with the love of your life, it won’t happen.
To unleash your manifesting power, you need to set yourself free from self-doubt, fear of not being good enough and feelings of unworthiness.

When you do things alone, it can be a challenging,  long and often confusing journey.
Find a mentor who keeps you accountable, someone who has what you want and keep you on a path to get results.
Take these steps and shift your love life forever.

These steps are what you need to take to attract your Life Partner with joy, excitement and ease.


In this revolutionary masterclass you will get clear information and the most successful strategy how to attract your ideal partner including:

  • My best kept secret I use for my clients to unlock their life with a stream of love and joy.
  • How to let go of the neediness, head control, and connect with your heart instead. How to integrate what the head and heart desire to make the best decisions in your life.
  • Successful stories of my clients who transformed from self-doubt to self-worth, from suppressing emotions to the full expression and already achieved what they deserve.
  • How to let to of the past, change the present as quick as possible and create an amazing future.
  • A new successful way of manifesting an ideal partner you want to be with, without compromising other dreams.

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