Thank you for completing the Quiz!

If you answered “NO” to at least 50% of the questions, I want to invite you to let go of a bit of masculinity and connect with the feminine within.
I want to invite you to connect with your intuition, learn how to love yourself deeply and trust your true essence.
It’s comfortable to be a woman who doesn’t activated her feminine power because she doesn’t know how important is be a creator of her own dreams and the highest version of herself.
She will not awaken the forgotten and numbed parts of her spirit. The urge to remember there is more life than this. She won’t awake your desires that has been suppressed since being a little girl.
A safe and unawake women will be satisfied with feeding her ego, condition heart and body acceptance.
She will sit quiet and makes herself responsible to fill society expectations.
If this is enough for you, accept yourself, love yourself with all your heart. Remain thankful for being who you are and your own contribution in this life.
If it’s not enough for you live with suppressed desires.
If it’s not enough for you to forget the numbed parts of your spirit.
If it’s not enough for you to trust only your mind and forget about your heart and soul.
and …
You are craving to be an intuitive woman, then you need to accept a certain level of wildness and uncertainty in order to grow, create and thrive in your life.
If you choose to stand tall in your femininity, in your real nature, you must accept all responsibilities for the life changes you will experience.
Your transformation will not be comfortable at the beginning but then.
Your life will not allow you to stay stuck in a rut and stagnant routines.
Your life will be rewarded beyond your mind and body can ever imagine.
Your femininity will take you into rediscover world of mystery and magic.
Your intuition will lead you, into the wild forest of ecstasy and wonder.
Your wisdom will show you a completely new life.
You true essence will break old blockages, heal your traumas and help you to open your passionate heart and sleeping soul.
You will trust yourself fully, appreciate your feminine strength. You will acknowledge your effort to find your truth and happiness.
Thanks to the feminine wisdom, you will value everything good that you do and everything good that you are.
You will start to see, accept your darkness and it won’t be scared anymore.
Your femininity will speak words that your soul understands and you will not punish yourself for making mistakes.
It’s a big risk to be a awaken woman because there is suddenly no place to hide from yourself.
You see everything, therefore you can love yourself, others and the whole universe with the dept and presence that your heart and body yarn for so hard, for so long, so fiercely.
Being an awaken woman I as choice you make to live with your soul on a fire.
Your life will never be the same again, once you ignite your feminine energy.
If you feel it deeply, then take this risk.
Join us at Sacred Women’s Healing Circle.
Connect with the most wanted part of yourself and shine beyond your limitations.
Connect with other awaken women and learn from each other.
Give yourself permission to be truly you – a women who came to shine and create!
After awakening your femininity, you can still run a business, achieve success and earn money. The difference is – it’s going to be easier and lighter with lots of joy and exciting adventure.
You will feel balanced, relax and more YOU.
Sounds unbelievable? Of course, because you haven’t experienced it yet.
That’s why I’m here to help you relax, learn and go with the flow of feminine energy to make your dreams come true.

If you want to awaken the true essence of femininity, I invite you to connect with me.
During private sessions you will be guided how to ignite your Inner Queen & Goddess Archetype.


Come and join our Sacred Healing Women’s Circle to Awaken your Feminine Power