About Kinga

As an ambitious twenty-year-old living in Poland, I studied Finance and Banking as well as Management, Communication and Public Relations. I worked hard in many different industries.

After few years of intense growth and living in ego driven world, I hit a wall. Serious health issues inspired me to move in a new direction. 

I moved to Australia looking for a more meaningful life, but I had a very low self-esteem and hidden depression. On the top of that, my marriage had almost ended. I was sick and tired of being stuck  and unhappy. I made a decision to do something with my life. 

I started working on myself, and stepped onto the personal development and spiritual path. I invested everything I had in: study, various training and courses. Having lots of challenges on the way, including a language barrier and being broken, I never stopped until I have learnt to trust my heart, speak truth and manifest dreams.

On my awakening path I also connected deeply with my intuitive wisdom and psychic abilities. Inspired by my own evolutionary journey, I started to help people to find out about their deepest desires, purpose and self-worth.

My qualifications are:

– Love and Relationships Coach
– Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamic (including NLP)
– Certified Practitioner in:
– Voice Dialogue Therapy
– Character Analysis
– Deep Tissue Body Work
– Core Energetic Lower Self Work
– Body-Psychotherapy Principles
– Constellations (family, personal, abstract)
– Bio-Energetics Work

In my work I also use: channelling, sacred healing, intuitive coaching, time line therapy, future vision focus, and tarot reading.