Cosmic Activation Sessions 

Many reasons of people suffering are because we are disconnected from the energetic world we live in.

We lost the awareness how to be tune with the universal abundance, love & light on a consistent basis. Despite so much knowledge, many people still don’t know how to connect with the true self, their gifts and bring their dreams into reality.

When you sink into the cosmic energy, you become in rhythm with life.

From this place you can see the life as a miracle with unlimited possibilities and your own abilities to do what you wish the most.

 Cosmic activation is the process that helps you connect with the cosmic abundance. 

Join us if you want to:

  • Release any discomfort in your mind & body
  • Rise vibrations and become magnet to your desires
  • Clear and let go the past low energy 
  • Sink fully into present and rise consciousness
  • Connect with your future and brings maximus fruits into your life
  • Align with your purpose & passion
  • Receive direction and vision for life

The session will include:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Bringing an intention and purpose
  • A guided meditation to relax your mind, body & spirit
  • Energy Healing & Energy work
  • Cosmic Activation
  • Insight and guidance
  • Closing ceremony

You are not an individual existence.
You are the part of the big universal energy field that can give you anything you wish too.

To learn how to open and connect with the cosmic energy, let go the old stories, rise your vibrations and manifest your goals.

Join us and activate your energy and bring your mind, body & soul into aligment during this Powerful Cosmic Activation Session.