Shamanic Healing Sessions

In a sacred atmosphere, full of love and warmth connections, I invite you to the Shamanic Healing Session.
Come, sit in a circle, stop and listen to your heart, feel safe, guided, and know you are not alone.

Quite often we are unable to express what is truly going on for us in our lives or we feel like no one understands what we are experiencing. 

A Shamanic Healing is a sacred group session to surround yourself with healing energy to support and guide you to complete peace, trust and freedom.

During Shamanic Ceremony you are going on the most beautiful and profound journey into your heart to connect with deepest desires, release and let go of what no longer serves you.

You will see things in a new light and reveal new ways that help you now and in the future.

During the event there will be a chance to awaken your intuitive power and reconnect with your guardian for more love, health and abundance in life.

Join us if you want to move yourself to next level:

  • Discover your authentic self 
  • Build strong intuition and trust it
  • Feel connected to the universe
  • Experience deeper connection with others
  • Receive direction, purpose and a vision for life
  • Open yourself to more joy & love in life

Sacred Shamanic Healing Circle includes:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Soulful conversations about the power of intuition & shamanic healing
  • A guided meditation to relax your mind, body & spirit
  • Identifying a burning question / desire
  • Shamanic ceremony
  • Insight and guidance for the future
  • Closing ceremony

You will experience not only being in a shamanic healing circle, but also numerous ceremonies and rituals of passage. You will be able to see and feel your own power, touch the centre of yourself, connect with the highest intuition.

I invite you to join us, discover your authentic inner voice. Let yourself be carried away by the shamanic healing power and discover what will happen when you reach out to heaven.