Awaken your Feminine Goddess

“We come together as strangers and leave as sisters”.

Quite often we are unable to express what is truly going on for us in our lives or we feel like no one understands what we are experiencing.

A Sacred Women’s Healing Circle is a beautiful space for women to surround yourself with feminine energy who can support and guide on your path to be your best self.

In the circle each woman has a time to express herself and get what she needs most at the moment. It is also a reminder that you are not alone on your journey. The sacred circle is a community of loving and conscious women.

The circle is led with a combination of modern and ancient approaches for more confidence, health, love and abundance in your life.

Activate your feminine energy through guided meditation, feel your inner goddess rise with self-love power and connect with your deepest intuition through sacred healing.

Join us if you want to move yourself to next level by:

  • practicing more self-love and acceptance
  • connecting with your life purpose
  • building strong confidence and self-esteem
  • being inspired and creative to achieve your goals
  • experiencing deep love and connections with others
  • learning about psychical and emotional wellbeing
  • finding more joy in a present moment.

Sacred Women’s Healing Circle includes:

  • Gathering Opening Ceremony
  • Heartfelt conversations about wellbeing and the power of feminine energy
  • A guided meditation to relax your mind, body & spirit
  • Identifying and clarifying your highest intention
  • A sacred healing – a journey into your heart and soul
  • A coaching and intuitive guidance for the future
  • Closing circle

I invite you to discover your authentic voice hidden inside you, connect with it and experience what pure love and trust your wisdom means. Let yourself be carried away by the healing feminine goddess and touch your soul.

Are you more in your feminine or masculine power?